Animal Encounters

Wherever we camp we always seem to attract a host of four (or sometimes two) legged friends.

Take this lovely morning in Yorkshire, when we awoke to a rustling outside which we knew could only be made by something rather large. We were rather surprised to emerge and see a massive cow stood right next to the tent. Good job there was a fence between us or we might have been squished in our sleeping bags!

And what about this little guest who invited himself for dinner one evening camping in Wales? He made himself right at home, shame he was late and we’d already finished everything off, or we might have been inclined to offer him something!

Also in Wales, we met two very friendly, yet very demanding sheepdogs. Once they had discovered Andy was a dab hand at the old Frisbee throw and fetch, they were not about to let that catalogue of fun end any time soon. Again, again, again!

How about this naughty Arctic Tern helping himself to leftovers. He tried all throughout our BBQ in Blair Atholl to steal something. We kept waving our arms to scare him off but he simply ran a few feet away, then came right back. As soon as we finished, he was there, picking burnt bits off the grill! Hope he didn’t burn his beak!

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