Creamy Campers Pasta with Chicken

Serves: 2

Author: Nicky

Date added: 21.10.12

  • 1 cup pasta
  • Small tub of cream cheese such as Philadelphia
  • Shredded cooked chicken – a portion of roast chicken is perfect
  • Veg – anything green, such as peas/runner beans/broccoli or perhaps some mushrooms – whatever you fancy or can get your hands on really!

Cook the pasta in boiling water according to the instructions, but add in any veg that you are having too, minding its own cooking times. Once cooked, drain and stir in the chicken, keeping over a low heat to make sure the chicken gets thoroughly reheated. Once the chicken is piping hot, stir in the tub of cream cheese, serve it up on your finest camping crocks and nosh away! Please note that chicken must be really hot when reheated – we don’t want any tummy upsets!


This recipe works really well with fish too, for smoked salmon simply stir in last minute with the pan off the heat just before the cream cheese. For raw salmon, cut into smallish chunks and give it a little longer on the heat after draining the water, as with the chicken above, to ensure the fish is cooked through.

Pre-cooked sausages are also great – such as the Mattessons smoked pork sausages, these are perfect and can be stirred in last minute just to heat through.


Did you try it?

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