Where any terms and conditions relating to bookings during the coronavirus pandemic contradict the general terms and conditions below, those relating to coronavirus supersede any others.

A full risk assessment can be viewed here Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Bookings are accepted subject to the following conditions:

  • Tents and rental equipment must be used in accordance with current Government guidance, including but not limited to travel restrictions, social distancing, and numbers of people allowed to gather together.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure their guests adhere to the above.
  • Bath Bell Tents must be able to drive right to the booking site. For garden bookings this means parking directly outside of the property.
  • Access to the site must be possible without the need to go indoors.
  • If Bath Bell Tents is unable to fulfill the booking due to all staff having Covid, the booking will be cancelled and a full refund given. No notice period is required.
  • If any guest is showing any symptoms of Covid 19 or believes themselves to be infected before the booking begins, that guest must not attend. There will be no refunds in this eventuality.
  • If any guest develops symptoms of Covid 19 or believes themselves to be infected after the booking has begun, they must remove all of their belongings from the tent and leave the site. Bath Bell Tents must be informed immediately. There will be no refunds in this eventuality.
  • Bath Bell Tents will observe good hand hygiene and use gloves and masks as appropriate during set-up and take down.

Coronavirus Cancellation policy:

  • If a booking is unable to go ahead due to Government lockdown restrictions, Bath Bell Tents will offer free postponement of the booking for a future date during the same year or the following year, subject to availability. There will be no additional charges and the original price will be guaranteed.
  • If the client chooses not to postpone the booking, but instead cancels, the standard cancellation policy applies.
  • If a client wishes to cancel, but the booking could go ahead, then the standard cancellation policy applies.

Information Booklet

Bath Bell Tents provide the client with an information and safety booklet. It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of and adhere to these instructions. Bath Bell Tents takes no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury that may occur due to non compliance with these instructions.



  • Client is the person hiring the equipment from Bath Bell Tents.
  • Guest is any person staying in, or using the rented tents, or visiting those who are.
  • Equipment is the bell tent(s) and other rented materials specified during the booking process and nothing else.
  • Period of hire is the period between completing the set up of the bell tent(s) and the dismantling.
  • Site is the agreed location where the bell tent(s) are to be situated. Site covers the immediate pitch plus the wider area including access to and from the pitch.
  • Bookings consist of a period of hire, at a given location, plus an appropriate period of time for setting up and dismantling a quantity of rented equipment, as agreed with the client at the time of initial payment.


  • Bookings are confirmed by an initial payment of £50 per tent or 50% of total booking value for Glastonbury bookings.
  • This payment is non-refundable. By making payment, the client is agreeing to these terms and conditions.
  • A damage deposit of £150 minimum for the first three tents, plus £50 per tent thereafter, capped at £500 will be due 6 weeks prior to booking date.
  • This damage deposit will be used to cover the costs of damage repairs, cleaning or replacement of missing or broken supplied equipment, however the damage is caused during the period of hire.
  • Bath Bell Tents reserves the right to retain part or all of the damage deposit to cover costs and time taken dealing with damages or repairs.
  • In the event that the cost of damage repairs, replacement or cleaning exceeds the value of the damage deposit, Bath Bell Tents reserves the right to reclaim the additional sum from the client.
  • The damage deposit, less any deductions will be returned within 2 weeks of the end of the booking period excluding any delays in contact from the client.
  • The payment of balance (total rental fees, less initial payment already made) plus damage deposit will be due 6 weeks prior to booking date. Failure to pay in full will result in forfeit of booking and any payments already made.


  • Initial payment is non-refundable.
  • If the booking is cancelled by the client after initial payment has been paid, but before balance is due, this payment will be retained by Bath Bell Tents.
  • Changes to bookings such as significant changes in numbers of tents or location that make the booking unsuitable for Bath Bell Tents will be treated the same as cancellation by the client.
  • If the booking is cancelled or curtailed by the client after balance has been paid, all monies already paid will be retained by Bath Bell Tents.
  • Bath Bell Tents reserve the right to cancel a booking in advance of the booking date. In this case, full reimbursement will be made.


  • The client is responsible for ensuring that the site is suitable for the undertaking of the booking, apart from where pitch fees are included in booking fee.
  • The booking is agreed on the assumption that the site is on flat, level, firm ground of an appropriate size as agreed in advance, with easy access for motor transport and that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed, and that there are no other obstructions which would inhibit the pitching of tents on the site. If the land is used for livestock, it must be cleared of dung prior to the set-up date. The hire charges do not include any making good or repairing of damage to the site. The client must ensure that the appropriate permissions for use of the land are granted in advance of agreeing the booking.
  • If any of these conditions are not met to our satisfaction, Bath Bell Tents reserves the right to cancel the booking without reimbursement of monies paid.
  • Bath Bell Tents resserves the right to charge an additional fee for waiting time on site due to problems with access to site or delays to pitching at the agreed time.


  • The client is responsible for all equipment for the duration of the period of hire.
  • The tents and rental equipment are hired to the client for the sole purpose of camping, or other activity as agreed at the point of initial payment. Any other usage is forbidden without prior consent from Bath Bell Tents.
  • Bath Bell Tents does not guarantee the tents will remain waterproof throughout the period of hire. Every reasonable measure will be taken to pitch the tents such that they will remain dry, but in adverse weather, leaks may occur. It is the client’s responsibility to keep windows and doors closed, equipment away from touching the tent walls, and groundsheet flaps tucked under in wet conditions. Bath Bell Tents takes no responsibility for damage that may occur due to client negligence, adverse weather or other events beyond our control.
  • Bath Bell Tents will not be held responsible for any personal loss or injury to anyone making use of equipment during the period of hire.


The client is responsible for ensuring the following rules are adhered to by all persons using equipment for the duration of the booking:

  • No smoking in the tents, or in the immediate vicinity, such as in the doorway.
  • No cooking in the tents.
  • Barbeques or campfires must be operated at a safe distance from the tents.
  • No barbeques, extinguished or otherwise, to be taken into the tents.
  • No flames in tent apart from what is provided. Tea-lights to be used only in the votives and chandelier provided.
  • All equipment to be used sensibly and for the purpose intended, and in accordance with safety booklet.
  • No face/body paint to be used during hire period.
  • No pets allowed in the tents.
  • All rules and instructions of the site to be adhered to.
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